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To Rob Ewing and Colleagues,

With many thanks for all your patience and hard work in dealing with the eventual sale of the land at  Mooreville Road. It has taken a long time to reach this point, but it has been as good a time as any to have completed it.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Christine A. Hamilton

Hope you had a great weekend. Your office was able to respond to my call on Saturday. The wind storm we had blew the bolts off the sign in front of the house. Please extend my thanks to your staff for having it resolved so quickly!

K. McDonald

We would like to send the highest accolades and praise to one of your agents, Rob Ewing, who recently closed on the sale of our Dexter house and property. Rob's knowledge, advice, perseverance, encouragement, and good humor guided us through the process. His strategies paid off in the end, with a decent price, and happy and relieved sellers.

We moved to Australia last year, and have conducted our transactions via e-mail and late night/early morning telephone calls (12 hr time difference). The phone connection between small-town Western Australia and a cellular tower in the wilds of  Webster Township was sometimes a little iffy, but we managed. Rob was always available, kept us aware of developments, and used latest technology e-mail attachments for forms we needed to sign and return.

We especially want to thank Rob for what we see as service "above and beyond"- being our representative with plumbing & heating guys, lawn mowing & driveway guys, propane guys. Rob and his conscientious staff kept the house in good order with frequent trips to the house to check on everything - they were our eyes and ears because we are so far away. Finally, Rob kept us on an even keel and focused throughout the ups and downs of what turned into a long wait. We unconditionally recommend Rob without hesitation.

Best Regards,
David Barr & Joann Gren



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